Top 5 reasons you should always look for a local real estate expert when purchasing a home!!

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# 1  Real Estate agents that close 20 transaction or more a year have a really good feeling of how the market is performing therefore able to advise clients accordingly to maximize their long term investment.


# 2 It is not unheard of, in a LOW inventory market, that local experts have “coming soon” listings that potentially never make it to the open market. Local agent are constantly working to find new listings. Call your local agent to find out what kind of ‘coming soon” inventory they have available.


# 3 The most critical part of any real estate transaction is “negotiation”. Local agents know their numbers really well. Last thing you need as a buyer is to have your realtor start researching the area right when you want to make an offer. Chances are you will lose money and over pay for the home.


# 4 Top question a buyer asks is, “tell me about things you can do in the neighborhood?”. If you are a local agent this question is very simple to answer. Ultimately providing the clients with local knowledge to make a decision on where they want to live.


# 5 Local agents know EVERYONE in the community. They are able to recommend restaurants, shops, festivals, train stops, and MUCH MUCH more. Connectivity is what a local agent is best at!!

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